A new adventure in Turks and Caicos

I’m writing this blog post from my seat on a flight to Germany.

No, I have not been re-affected to a Club Med in Germany next season.

Actually, I’m not even sure there IS a Club Med in Germany… Is there? (I just checked. The answer is nein. There isn’t.)

So no, I’m not exactly going to Germany. It’s just a layover to get to Paris. So I can grab a train to Vittel, France.

Vittel is that little red thing.

But I haven’t been re-assigned to Vittel either (although there actually is a Club Med in Vittel).

The suspense is killing you, isn’t it?

If you and I are Facebook friends (which I’m guessing there’s a 95% chance you are), you’re rolling your eyes right now. I already announced where I was going, like, almost one whole week ago. That’s what we call “old news” in the business. Plus, I pretty much gave it away in the title of this blog post.

OK, chances are, the suspense is not what’s killing you at all. My redundancy is.

But for that 5% (I’ve decided it’s 5%) of people reading this who are NOT following my Facebook page, or Twitter account, please let me have the pleasure of announcing (again)…

I am officially moving to CLUB MED TURKOISE!


(“Whaaaaaat? But you mentioned Vittel…? Why Turkoise? I don’t get it.”

Relax, I’ll get to it.)

I’m excited for two reasons.

Reason 1:

I’m going back to a resort I’ve actually been to before – twice! Once in August 2014, and again in September 2015.


View of the beach at Club Med Turkoise, August 2014
Sunset, September 2015
Fun on the flying trapeze
Party time with G.O Jen Keays in Sept 2015. This season, she’s at Club Med Cancun doing water sports and performing circus tricks during the nightly shows. Tell her I say hi! 😉

Shaky montage of my countless afternoons spent on the flying trapeze.

’nuff said.

This is actually where I discovered the Club Med brand, and how I came to realize being a G.O might be a good job for me… But that’s for another blog post. 😉

As for reason 2:

I got a promotion!

As of November 21st, I will officially be a Club Med eGO!

Watch here for last week’s official announcement:

An eGO is just like other GOs. I’ll take part in the animation, perform in the shows and mingle with GMs. But as eee-GO, my primary job changes. I’ll now be in charge of all the social media for my village. I’ll take pictures and edit videos, and use them to update the Club’s different social media platforms. (And I’ll keep posting on this blog, of course.) So you should definitely expect to hear more from me in the next few months.

If you haven’t done so already, you should go ahead and follow the Club Med Turkoise Facebook page. 😉 Oh, and feel free to like Jessica Laventure while you’re at it (I’m looking at YOU, 5 per centers…)

But just like any new job, I need to go through some training. So Club Med is sending me to France. (Listen up, this is where the Vittel thing comes in.) For the next 10 days, I’ll be spending time with new and existing eGOs from all around the world, taking classes and attending workshops given by professionals in their field in order to gain all the right tools to get started.  And all of that will happen in picturesque Club Med Vittel.


Why not, right?

You gotta give it to Club Med for sending us halfway around the world like this just to train for a new job. I love it!

**By the way… You guys should all see me now. Sitting on a plane that is filled, I mean FILLED, with tanned German people heading back home from their Dominican vacation. Everyone speaks German. EVERYONE. From the captain welcoming us on the plane, to the passenger who thanked me for picking up her baby’s pacifier (Danke-what?) The flight attendants gave up on English translations hours ago. I’m the odd one out. I bet they can’t even begin to understand what this pale-skinned Canadian is doing on a flight from Punta Cana to Frankfurt!**

I’m actually pretty tired now. Not just from trying to understand all the German, but because it’s also midnight Punta Cana time, and I still have 6 more hours to go before the end of this flight. Then I have to get to Paris, then Vittel… zzzzzzz. Naptime.

I’ll be back with news from Vittel!


*********35 hours later********

OK, so there wasn’t any WI-FI on the flight and I couldn’t really post this after I wrote it. I’m doing it now, in the comfort of my hotel room, after my first day of training. I’ll write again in a few days when I’m not seriously jet-lagged, and when I can tell you more about this week which I think will be both very busy but very interesting.



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